Thursday, November 16, 2006

When it Rains it Pours

*sigh* I'm sure everyone who reads this, or stumbles upon it and reads the backlog, is getting really bored with my "Oh, My God! I'm Stressed Out!" postings. But, seriously.

Deep breaths. I just have a lot going on.

11/18 move: Movers are arriving around 10 am. We haven't started packing yet.
11/21 school: Final project due. I have three out of ten articles read and summarized. I also have to write a two page overview on my thoughts about the research I'm reading.
11/22 holidays: Mr and I are driving to Georgia. posting on those days will be tough, but unpacking, finishing my paper, taking the dog to Mr's parents, and packing for the trip will be tougher.

Once we get in the car, everything will be ok, because I will have either not gotten it done or it will be taken care of.

To add just a little icing on the cake, I just found out that I forgot to prepare a big survey for work. I need to gather a lot of information from a lot of different (and not often cooperative) departments. It's due Monday. I don't work Fridays. Hah! This should be fun.

So, I need to rush through this survey, finish up the other project I was furiously working on and get everything ready for Monday, when people will be stressed out and pushy, getting ready for the holiday.

On Friday, I need to pack up my whole house and finish my paper for school.

Saturday will be moving and attempting to establish a little bit of order and resist helping Mr work on the house because my paper will not be done. Also, Hank will need extra attention, as moving will stress him out, too.
Sunday will be a repeat of Saturday. Monday at work will be hell. Tuesday will be all sorts of attempts at preparing to drive 12 hours to Atlanta on Wednesday.

Next Friday I get to try on wedding dresses and remind myself to stress out about that, too! I promise that, though I can't stop complaining about being stressed, I will do my best to keep wedding-planning to a minimum here.

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Lauren said...

But weddings are so exciting!! Especially when it's yours... so I've heard. :)