Friday, November 10, 2006

Toga! Toga!

I had a clever title picked out, but Animal House is on TV and I forgot.

We camped out at our new house last night. I don't recommend sleeping on an aero bed with no pillows. I'm exhausted. We spent all day cleaning and going to Home Depot and stuff. I meant to go to Starbucks and do some work for school, but I never got to it. *sigh* I promise, someday, to be better.

I do love my house, though. It needs a lot of work but also has a lot of room for improvement and for us to put our stamp on it.

Tomorrow, we're driving way the heck up to Grayslake - my in laws have some special deal where we can get 40% off paint. So, the saving money is good, the driving, is not. We're hoping to get our bedroom done ASAP so that, while the rest of the house is a mess, we'll have a nice place to go. Currently, the bedroom is blood-red. it's terrible. Plus, the people we bought the house from are very possibly the worst painters in the world. They didn't tape at all, and didn't know that you can wipe paint off when you get some on the trim. And it isn't just a little on the trim. In one room, they very obviously dropped the roller. And spilled ceiling paint so that the top part of the wall is spattered white. In our room, they obviously washed a brush and then tried to use it again when it was wet, so the red paint is all diluted and smeary. It's awesome.

I'll get some pictures so you can see the awesome-ness.

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