Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Under the wire

I can't believe I almost ruined NaBloPoMo because of Gilmore Girls.

I always watch Gilmore Girls after class. It's how I wind down. Tonight's episode, though, has me all jacked up. Apparently - stop reading if you watch and haven't see it - Christopher and Lorelei went to Paris and.... got married.

I think I might be done. Rory sucks, she's sort of lame without Logan (which I never thought I'd say but.. I like him now. Maybe I should start watching Veronica Mars). Alexis Bledal just doesn't have acting chops to support scenes on her own. Her new artsy friends are lame, and Rory is pathetic - Logan and Paris were her only friends? Really?

But Christopher and Lorelei, I just can't get over. He called her Mrs. Hayden. Ew. I mean, she and Luke are supposed to be the end game, here. She's now been engaged twice and married once - to Chris. I mean, I guess she was engaged three times. I know Luke sucked for a while there, but this is just ridiculous. They gross me out. This is just too far. I don't like how lightly they're treating her relationship with Luke. Gah. I could go on all night, but this needs to hit the internets so that I' m not DQ'd.

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Mavis said...

You really should start watching Veronica Mars. Netflix seasons 1 and 2. You'll be totally hooked, yo.