Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bump Day?

Can I just say right now that I hate the popularization of the word "bump" to indicate pregnancy? I guess I can.

This has to be begging for a lawsuit. Wednesday, May 21st, Baskin Robins is celebrating "Bump Day" with a free 3oz soft-serve cone for expectant mothers with this coupon. Their site says it is for expectant mothers only.

Are they going to question any woman who tries to claim it without a readily-apparent "bump"?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Can someone tell me why Hanes decided to go with a campaign filled with homo-erotic undertones? I never got Kevin Bacon & Micheal Jordan playing grab-ass, and I really don't get Cuba Gooding Jr. "inadvertently" yelling embarrassing, easily-misinterpreted things like "I'm wearing your underwear!"

2. I have planted a ton of seeds this year. My miscalculation was that a) I might remember where I planted them, b) that I might remember what I planted and c) that I have the patience to wait for seeds to grow. Now I just want to go buy more flowers and plant them because waiting for seeds BLOWS.

3. This American Life is on-demand with WOW cable. Season 1 stops being available today. :(

4. WOW's DVR sucks ass. Way worse than Dish Network's. But I hated Dish Networks DVR so much, that it almost makes the craptastic WOW one ok. Like, if I can't have Tivo, I REALLY can't have it.

5. Our old Tivo died this weekend. :( RIP Barry. (I named my Tivo Barry. I don't know why. Possibly because we got the Tivo not long after we got Hank and Barry was one of the names I considered for Hank).

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fashion 911

I have a fashion emergency.

I am going to a black-tie gala on Friday. I didn't realize it was black tie until yesterday. I bought this dress from Macy's. I got really lucky. It was like 65% off plus yesterday was the last day of a friends and family event where any customer in the store qualified as friend & family and I got an extra 20% off.

It's not quite so neon, more of a kelly green, really.

My problem is shoes. And a purse. I was thinking I would wear the hot hot hot and so comfortable white patent leather pumps that I wore at my wedding. But, I also just ordered these from I also have a white patent faux-leather clutch.

Here are the big questions:

1. Is white shoes with a white purse just too much?

2. Is a white patent clutch just no good to begin with? I love it, but sometimes, I am a little tacky.

3. It is supposed to rain on Friday. I have a black trench, but I know that, if it is raining, I will be cold. Is it ok to wear a bronz-ish wrap? It's a fake pashmina, but it isn't super-fancy. Sometimes I wear it with jeans. It is a for-serious black-tie deal - Mr is renting a tux. I don't want to look out of place.

4. What the heck do I do about accessories? Necklace? Earrings? Arg!

Dear readers, if you are out there, please help me. I'm a fashion moron when it comes to myself.

ps - the shoes may be a moot point. I ordered from Zappos, but they've stopped advertising and guaranteeing free overnight shipping. They claim that most customers will still get it overnight, but they only promise 4-5 business days. This will be the topic of another post, soon.