Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Way Back Wednesday

Actually, I stole this from a "Tuesday" meme, but I didn't like the Wednesday site I was sent to so... whatever.

I felt like doing a meme this morning, possibly because I particularly spas-tastic this morning and don't want to focus on work. Also note that it is almost noon and I'm talking about "this morning."

Anyway. Here it is:

What songs remind you of your first "real" boyfriend/girlfriend? My first boyfriend loved the song "La Bamba" because he saw that movie about Richie Valens starring Lou Diamond Phillips. I distinctly remember him telling me this when we were on a "date" - we went to Pizza Hut with his family.

Did you ever have a song that was considered "your song" when you were part of a couple or now? I don't think so. Even now, I have a favorite song, which I must dance to whenever I hear it, but it's more my thing and Mr humors me. Sometimes a random song will come on the radio and he'll call it our song - but it is always something that is very much not a "couple-y" song like "The Immigrant Song" by Led Zepplin. Not that I don't love that song - if I were a major league ball player, the intro would totally be my at-bat music.

If you could dedicate one song to someone you love, what song would it be? I don't know. My very favorite Elvis song is what we'll be dancing to at our wedding, and it makes me think of him now. Mostly because once, on valentine's day, he surprised me by having a Vermont Teddy Bear (this one, actually) sent to my office. The card was unsigned, but had some lines from the song in it. So, I guess I'd dedicate that song to him. That was a good Valentine's Day.

In your opinion, who writes the best love songs. This is subjective. Hhhmmmm... I don't know. Maybe Journey?

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