Friday, February 09, 2007

Mission: Bubble Bath

I have spent the majority of my day today with a plumber. He was very nice and I will love him always because...
(drumroll, please!)

My tub is fixed!

He had to cut a hole in my living room ceiling and there was a little drainage mishap (thankfully, I was pretty quick grabbing a bucket), but now my tub is functioning. I have to clean it and flush out and scrub the jets (I've instructed Mr to bring home a kid's toothbrush so I can really get in there) but, once I do all that work I plan on taking a long bubble bath, shaving and then showering.

Though I love baths, I do feel that you should take a shower after. I know it is a waste of water, but a) it is hard to wash your hair in the tub as you're rinsing into the water that all the dirt you scrubbed out is in and b) you're sitting in all the dirt you've scrubbed out. So, I always bathe until the water is cold, then rinse off and wash my hair in a shower after. Not really a great water-saver, but I don't do it very often and I haven't had a good shower in two weeks.

I've taken pictures of the event and the mess in the living room and once I replace the baterries in my camera, I'll post them here.

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