Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mission: Bubble Bath - Not Complete

So, I was so excited on Friday when my tub was "fixed" that I just posted right away. After the plumber left, I started to follow his instructions - to pour two cups of bleach down the drain to clear out any grease (also, I was supposed to let my husband know he should caulk the seal on the faucet [another thing not done by the moron who put in our tub]. He also left the panel off so that my husband could see what he had replaced. I think there was something else I was supposed to tell my husband, but I don't know, maybe I forgot because I'm just a stupid girl. I HATE it when people assume I can't do stuff because I don't have a penis.). Anyway. Where was I?

Bleach. Right. So, while the bleach was clearing things out I posted my joy and did some internet research on the best way to clean tub jets. Then, after some time had passed, I started cleaning the jets. Turns out, the waste/overflow system wasn't the only thing the douchebag who redid the bathroom didn't do properly. We once again had water in the living room, though not as much as before. We just noticed it because the big hole in the ceiling made the water really obvious.

The jets, or the pipes that connect to the jets are leaking. They are, naturally, the jets closest to the wall. And, since we installed a fancy-schmancy closet system that I don't want to take down and I also don't want to cut a hole in the closet and then repair the wall and repair the closet system, I have decided to get a new tub. Yes, the old tub works, and it is just the jets that don't work. However. Without being able to turn on the jets, I am unable to clean the jets. If I can't clean the jets I can't take a bath. In which case we are stuck with an awkward, ugly stupid shower.

So. We're completely remodeling the bathroom - new tub, tile, fixtures, vanity, toilet, etc. Totally new.

Do you realize how expensive bathrooms are? Sheez. I guess I know what I'm doing with my tax refund.

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