Saturday, February 24, 2007

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I'm a very opinionated person. Thus far, in the decorating of our house, I've had an idea and Mr has accepted it (for the most part - he's made a few suggestions to tweak ideas and he's usually right). I've been pretty good. I was worried about my office, because I picked a pale pale mint color and I was afraid with the new white furniture it would look like a baby's room. But it was good.

The guest room was a flop. I picked what I thought was a lovely shade called "Butter Up!" It was not lovely. It was bad. So, we went back to the paint store and got a lovely blue/grey, which has turned out wonderfully. The nice part about being in school and completely overbooked is that Mr is entirely responsible for fixing up the house. This weekend, while I was reading and researching, he was priming, taping, and painting. Right now he's cleaning up and later we'll load in what furniture we have for the room.

We're also working on the bathroom. I have been completely uninspired. I don't really like anything. We went to a tile store - Mr used to be their accountant - and looked around. We were both getting frustrated. Mr was looking for stone type stuff and it all just looked too boring for me. Then. I saw the glass tiles. I love glass tiles. I just dig the way they look. We found a stone that we both liked and I was asking what decorative trim they have for it. She said there is none, and you can use whatever you want. After a bit of prodding, she made a suggestion and showed us the glass tile.

Mr is unsure. He thinks he'll break it. How you break 1" tiles that are 6 feet up the wall is beyond me, but he thinks they'll break. Really, he's worried that it will look weird. He's never seen glass and stone. I can't find examples, but I just know it will be good.

This is the stuff. We've picked a pretty neutral beige-y stone with traces of red/brown in it. This would run, probably in a row of three tiles, about six feet up, just under the shower head.
I'm thinking we'll paint the walls the light yellow color. I already found a paint at Sherwin Williams called "White Raisin" that looks really good.


manogirl said...

I am so jealous that you have a whole house to decorate. I am just dying to paint and tile and choose fabrics (it doesn't help that my mom just had her entire house redone) and I know I have to wait until S and I buy something.

I think I get more interested in real estate every day.

knitannie said...

Wow those tiles are gorgeous. Glass mosaic tiles are YUMMY. You are way more adventurous than me, I chose pretty much all white everything for our new house (we start building any day now). I did choose a lovely stone floor tile for our bathrooms that they call Taupe. I figure I'll just put coloured towels and plants to bring some colour in. I was just way too chicken to go with an actual colour anywhere.