Wednesday, July 05, 2006


You know how if you go too long without doing laundry, you run into issues finding the proper things to wear? I have been doing my laundry, but we were so backed up that I was focused on getting the biggest loads in first - so I washed a lot of towels, pants and shirts, that kind of stuff. Because I try to take really good care of my bras, they get their own small delicate cycle load before they air-dry. So I haven't washed those in a while. Which leads me to today's predicament. I was out of bras. It came down to a sports bra - which results in the uniboob look that doesn't really "go" with my office-appropriate clothes - or a convertible bra. Yes. I am wearing one of those bras with the crazy straps that wrap around you so you can be strapless, backless, whatever. It isn't comfortable. Plus, it makes me way to conscious of my boobs. Seriously. It's got a tad bit of push-up going on and I'm just uncomfortable. I have to do laundry tonight so that I don't have to go through this again tomorrow.

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