Friday, March 16, 2007


No time to talk, really, shit-ton of stuff to do.

I just watched last night's Grey's over my morning oatmeal and all I can think is: WHAT THE FUCK?

Sometimes I read the Grey's Writers Blog, and usually I find it a little bit enlightening about where they're going and whatnot. But I can't stand by them here. I like George and Callie. I want their marriage to work. I really like Callie. Izzie has some issues. But, can't her issues be more about losing Denny and losing the chance to get married and that's why she doesn't approve of George and Callie? Can't she just be missing her support system and that's why she thinks they won't last? Why did they have to go and do THAT?

Not all best friends want to sleep with each other. It doesn't have to be that way. Yes, many wonderful relationships start out as friendships and maybe you don't realize at first that the potential for relationships is there but... When you have a best friend and then you GET into a relationship... shouldn't you know that the friend isn't a romantic possibility? If this is the root of their friendship, this dormant attraction for each other, wouldn't it have reared its head when George and Meredith did it? I love this friendship between George and Izzie. Why did they have to do this?

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