Thursday, March 29, 2007

Not Much Happening

Still home sick, but feeling better. I think I'll be much better by tomorrow, which is good because some of Mr's friends are having a little party tomorrow and people will be in from out of town, so it will be nice to be able to attend, even if I probably won't be able to drink.

Today I felt mostly good, except when I ate. Eating makes me nauseous. Hopefully that will be gone soon.

At the moment, we're watching Benny Hill, which I find endlessly entertaining. Apparently, Mr used to pat his grandpa on the head when he was little. He saw it on Benny Hill and thought it was hilarious. If you knew Mr or his grandpa, this would make you laugh.

Any thoughts on the new blog layout? I think I might hate it, but I wanted something springy. I wish I knew HTML and could customize it better than just using Blogger's premade junk.

(isn't it odd that Blogger's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "blogger?")

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