Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Think I Might Throw Up

I just ordered my wedding invitations, and I feel a little nauseous. Not because it's finally real or anything silly like that. No, I feel like vomiting because I essentially made it online and just typed everything in and Mr & I checked it, but if I made a typo or something, there's nothing I can do about it. I saw a preview of the invitation, but not the respond card or the reception card, and I have nothing now to look at to make myself feel better. And I have no salesperson to call and ask random questions.

The internet can make things very convenient, but I wish I had been able to find reasonably priced invites in a store. It was convenient for me to order them, but it might also be convenient for them to screw them up and leave me stranded.


manogirl said...

My sis recently ordered invites to a wedding shower online, and they were amazing. I obviously don't know if you ordered from the same place, but maybe a little internet sales good news doesn't hurt?

niobe said...

Whenever I do something that I really want to turn out well, I always develop an intense, impossible-to-alleviate fear that I've made some stupid mistake that will screw up the whole thing. Luckily, that seldom actually happens.

I bet everything will turn out just the way you want it to with the cards and invitations. Though, depending on how tight your schedule is, you might feel a little better if you tell yourself that in the very unlikely event that there's a mistake, you can probably (for $$$, of course) find a way to have them redone on a rush basis.