Friday, May 25, 2007

Told You So!

I never get around to watching Dancing with the Stars when it is actually on. I was under the impression that this week would be the finals, not last Tuesday. When I realized my mistake, I took great pains to not hear who won, so that I could watch it myself. I watched it this morning. While I did manage to skip through a lot of it.... damn. They stretch that shit out. The final show was two hours long! Two hours!

Anyway, Apolo won. Yeah! I think that Joey Fatone was excellent, and was looking as good as Apolo near the end, but I think Apolo came farther. Joey is sort of a trained dancer and an experienced performer. While Apolo was probably used to the kind of pressure they were under, he had to learn a whole new skill and he did it beautifully.

I just love that show.

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