Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ew. Just, Ew.

A while back we found a tiny collection of mouse poops under the couch in the addition. No one goes in there, the couch is currently the only thing in the room. So, it isn't like we had been hanging out with the mouse. One day, Hank went nuts digging around the couch and we didn't know why. When we moved the couch to clean and prepare to paint the walls (pictures soon!), we found the poop.

So, Mr went out and got some traps and set them up with yummy tempting peanut butter in places where mice would like to go, but Hank was unlikely to get them. Hank did find one and got snapped in the face, but it didn't catch him and he wasn't hurt.

We were on the lookout for more poop. Our house had been empty for months before we bought it, and they left food in the pantry. It was mousy heaven, but we never saw anything. Then, Mr's mom brought over some of our stuff that had been in their basement. Where they have mice. Then we found it. So, I'm blaming her.

Anyway, we never saw more traces of the mouse and figured that he had seen Hank and chosen a safer haven.

Then, last night, Hank was nosing around the refrigerator.

"Hey, did you put a trap behind the fridge?"
" No, it's next to it"
" Are you sure? Hank's into the back of the fridge and he won't leave it alone."

So, I get the flashlight, just to make sure the trap is still there. It was. Only. It wasn't empty.


So, I got an eyeful of the dead mouse. Interestingly enough, I couldn't look at it directly, but I had no trouble taking pictures of it. I was going to post a couple, but figured that a dead mouse in a trap would be a little gruesome and disturbing. I mean, I think it was as humane as killing can be. His little neck was snapped, so it should have been pretty quick and painless. But it is still a mouse that we killed. I hope he was the only one and it wasn't a momma with babies somewhere.

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