Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's 2007. Mr and I rang in the new year with Mexican food and a friendly game of Settlers of Catan which was apparently named game of the year by someone, though I'm not sure who, even though it came out (in Germany) in 1995. It's kind of like Risk, except slightly more complex. It turned out to be kind of fun, but figuring out how to set it up and play was not fun. Here's what I learned: Never try to learn a new complicated game after a pitcher of margaritas. It's just frustrating.

After that, we watched the WGN countdown. Their clock was off by ten seconds. It was live at an XRT concert and Lin Brehmer must have been using some official clock. When the screen said there were 20 seconds left, Brehmer started the countdown from 10. We switched to NYC to see that Brehmer was right. So there were kisses and hugs all around and then we settled down to play MarioKart and Rampage on our friends' Wii. Yes. We're very cool. It's ok to be jealous.

We also played bowling on the Wii, which was... odd. (I was going to say "wiierd" but figured that was a little lame). The Wii uses a wireless remote and you use it like you're actually bowling. It was kind of cool in a "hey, that's neat" sort of way, but the novelty wore off really fast.

It was a good night. Kind of laid-back, not terribly exciting, but good. Unlike Mano and her sister, I do not have a bad feeling about 2007, but maybe they're more in tune with the universe. In any case, I hope 2007 will be good for everyone. I haven't really made any official resolutions, I almost never do. But, I have rededicated myself to my diet. Since it has only been a day, it's going pretty well. I'm hoping I really stick to it this time. I'm getting married in 2007 and, vain though it is, I do not want to hate the way I look in the wedding pictures. Hopefully, this will be motivation enough to eat right and figure out a way to fit exercise into my life.

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ScottScottScott said...

oh I love Settlers of Catan. I heard that it was ranked best game a couple of years ago, but was knocked out of position when this whole TV poker thing got big. Don't know the validity of the whole thing since it was told to me by my cousin and he tends to make shit up.