Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Switching to Mac

So, I'm thinking of switching to a mac and getting a new MacBook. My desktop computer is slightly old - about four years - and it has some issues. I had a bad virus experience last year and the thing has never really recovered (I think I have already posted about that, so I won't get into details).

I have always been sort of intrigued with Macs because, let's face it, they're kinda sexy. Plus, they seem to be somewhat virus-proof which, after my old laptop and my current desktop, I would really appreciate. However, in college, the iMacs in the computer lab sucked. I'm sure it was my fault for being mac-ignorant, but I could never really figure out how to use them. I only tried when all the PCs were in use (and I know that PC means personal computer and that Macs are, technically PCs. Shut up). Anyway, I would try to check my email and all I could ever do was look at one old email that I had somehow read when it was new on a mac. I couldn't figure out how to read new emails and I couldn't check old ones that I knew were saved somewhere. It was weird and I'm sure I'm just a moron. I'm hoping I won't have those problems this time.

Basically, my iPod has converted me. I love my 'pod, and I don't want it to be alone. Plus, the aforementioned virus somehow messed with my musicmatch software and whenever I try to load a cd onto my iPod, I get all sorts of error messages from musicmatch.

It seems like a Mac will do everything I need it to - I can get Office for Mac and use word for my papers for school, which is the only thing I really NEED my computer to do. The rest is all for my own entertainment and it looks like I'll be able to do that stuff, too. I'm a little nervous though because I've read that on the new Intel Macs the Office programs run super-sluggishly because they're made for the PowerPC. This worries me. Has anyone used this suite on the new Intel Macs? Hello? Anyone?

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manogirl said...

Rita--I have a MacBook. Let's discuss --if you're still thinking of getting one.