Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm A Nerd

Seriously, I'm pretty much the biggest dork ever.

So, I have a little thing for The Sims. And by "little" I mean that, were it possible, my real life would be virtually replaced by the Sims. I have ADD and, while I manage to deal with it quite handily the majority of the time, when it comes to computer games I just zone out and play for hours on end, usually until I beat the game. I have more or less beaten Insanaquarium, Zuma, Feeding Frenzy2 and just about anything else that PopCap Games has made.

None of this compares to my love of the Sims.

It all started a couple of years ago when I was babysitting my cousins. They had The Sims and it was kind of fun, so I played for a while. I mean, I was out in the suburbs, miles from my friends (who don't have cars) and stuck with a 12 year old and a 14 year old. What else was I going to do?

Then, I got a new computer and the computer came with a choice of free games. Hey, the Sims was all I knew. So, I got a little obsessed and played religiously for several months. Then, I met some people, dated a little more, and slowly weaned myself off of my addiction.

Now, though I really am too busy to play, I can't stop. AND I've moved on from the simple cheat codes that my cousin taught me. Last night, to my complete and utter, nerdy joy, I discovered what I believe is a new cheat.

Ok. So, if you push Ctrl+Shift+C, the cheat code box opens up. If you put in 'move_objects on' you can, in buy or build mode, click on stuff and delete it or move it. This is not new. It comes in handy when you can no longer afford a maid (or they refuse to come to your house because, for once, you weren't going to use the 'rosebud' cheat and actually go to work and earn money to buy things and you upgraded the bed so your sim could stop being depressed and the maid had to be paid before you got home from work, and you didn't have enough to cover it, so the bitch stole your alarm clock, which is just annoying). ANYWAY. This move objects is a useful cheat. Well, last night, I used this cheat to delete a swarm of roaches - this happens sometimes whether the house is filthy or not, if you don't have a maid. Well, when I deleted the roaches I discovered that you actually get like $450 for selling back the "Virtual Reality Kit" or something like that. Cool! Because, playing honestly is tough, man.

Oh, also, my Sim drank a potion (all on her own - I didn't tell her to), and it made another Sim fall in love with her. He isn't the one I've been working on, but doing things the right way takes too long, so... I'm going to try and make them fall in love. I have the "hot date" expansion pack and I hear that, if they fall in love, they will have sex and get married (I'm not sure what order this happens). Since, A) this particular Sim is one of the pre-established ones who has a wife and B) I've never seen Sim-sex, I am very curious to see what will happen. So - orange potion = love yellow = complete personality reversal (my Sim has drank this twice, which I think makes her the original Sim I created again) Green = turning into a monster or invisible, I can't remember.

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