Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bye Katie Couric!

According to several articles, Katie Couric is supposed to announce tomorrow that she's leaving the Today show. There are rumors that she's going to CBS for the nightly news, but that won't be confirmed until her contract is up in May. (you can read all 353 articles at Google News)

Personally, this makes me very happy. Morning news TV sucks. The Today Show is only the best because it is the least annoying. I love Matt Lauer. He's cute and funny but can ask the tough questions and rarely lets an interviewee slide on bullshit. Katie interrupts her subjects and talks over them and asks stupid questions. She has a tendency to accept their roundabout answers that don't answer anything. And I find her really annoying. Anyone would be better than Katie. There's a rumor that Meredith from "The View" will replace her, which I think would be good. Meredith seems like a smart cookie. In a perfect world, I'd like to wake up to Matt and ex-Chicagoan Lester Holt. With Al Roker and Ann Curry, they'd be unstoppable. The other networks might just give up.

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Mavis said...

You have to give credit to the WGN Morning News, though. That was always my favorite to watch in the morning. Currently, the way my cable works, I can get the WGN News at Nine (10, here in DC), but for some reason, they don't show the morning news, which I wish they would. However, I do still get to see Mike Barz, since he left WGN MN to work for GMA, so I watch that.

Also, I concur that Meredith Viera from The View would be an excellent choice. She used to be a real reporter before she got sucked into working with Bawbwah WaWa and The Moron Crew. That Meredith, she is a smart cookie, and has always been way too smart for The View. I think BW probably kept her down, not wanting Meredith Viera to usurp her.