Friday, February 17, 2006

When You Have the Right of Way, Just Take it

Living in the city, there is a lot of pedestrian/car interaction. Most people know how to handle this - there are crosswalks which tell us when it is safe to enter the street and cars (generally) respect that. What I can't stand is when suburbanites (or maybe just assholes) decide to be extra nice and let you cross.

I live in the city and, like most city-dwellers, I frequently cross the street at random, nowhere near the crosswalk. I understand that this is risky business. What I can't stand is when people - in their big, fast cars who have the right of way - decide they are going to be magnanimous and let you cross. Think of it. I'm waiting to cross the street, the side I'm on is clear, so I meander towards the middle, ready to cross as soon as the big guy in the suburban finishes turning. He is coming off the HIGHWAY where there are LOTS OF OTHER CARS ABOUT TO DO THE SAME DAMN THING. If he had just made his turn, I would have plenty of time to cross before the next wave of cars, but no, he waves me on. Now, he could have been out of my way in two seconds. Me, being on two feet and not four wheels, I take a little longer and now there are cars behind him and honking. It's really ridiculous. You have the right of way. Take it. Gah.

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