Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pictures of Hank

This is Hank when we first brought him home; he's about 4 m onths old. I love his giant paws and floppy ears. People used to always ask about the spot on his nose. "What happened to his nose?" Nothing happened. Hank has no pigment in some places. The whiskers on one side of his face are black, the other side white. His nose spot is filling in now.

Hank just a few days ago, about 10 month old.

I did't really realize how much bigger he'd gotten until I saw these two pictures side-by-side.

We never figured out what breed he is. His butt muscles are super-huge and chiseled, and he's very fast when he wants to be. We think he's a lab / greyhound mix. I call him a North American Tan Head.

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