Thursday, January 10, 2008

Post-Bridal Confusion

Not about the wedding or marriage itself, of course, but of the bridesmaid dresses. I really tried to pick generally flattering and possibly-useful-again dresses. But I know that all brides say that. I was feeling pretty good about my dresses. I thought all of my friends looked lovely and were kind of happy with them. Then I read this on Jezebel.

Mavis is my only 'maid who reads this blog, but anyone else who wants to comment, this is the style of dress:

The center dress is the style, the left-hand one was the body of the dress and the right-hand one was the trim. There was a more flattering style that I was going to choose, but it was over $300 and that seemed a bit excessive.

Sometimes, I sort of wish I had that kind of elaborate "dream" or "vision" of what my wedding would be, just so that I could see how far my friends would go for me. Then, I think about my friends. One of the things I love about them is that almost all of them would take me aside and calmly tell me that I'm delusional if I thought they would put on a hoop skirt for me. Some of them might even slap me if they felt it was called for. They're feisty bitches, and I love them.

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Mavis said...

Having worn something that was not exactly a hoop skirt, but was the size of a hoop skirt - and in June in Chicago in an outdoor wedding, no less - I would have been the first in line to pull you aside. Though at the reception, it was fun to dance in, very swishy and all, which kept me amused with myself, since, despite being a bridesmaid, I knew no one else at the wedding besides the couple who got hitched.

The dress I wore for your wedding was also excellent for dancing, because it was short, though my straps kept falling down. A minor detail, however. I think there are too many brides who do not consider the dancing factor when thinking about 'maids dresses. And that's too bad, because dancing is half the fun.

You had a great dancing wedding. Really. It was truly spectacular.