Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Word on Weddings

I was going to comment on the most recent post over at Quodlibets, but I decided to post here instead. I've written about gay marriage, and my befuddlement over objects to it before, but I feel like talking about it again. Maybe it's because I'm getting married in four days.

She links to this article in the Daily Californian. The author basically says he just doesn't understand the argument against gay marriage. I'm so happy to see this getting some print. I feel like every article about gay marriage assumes that the arguments against it are understood, or at least are not worth discussing. I've yet to read anything anywhere that explains what it is that makes people believe that gay marriage is wrong. The only thing I have ever heard is that it is a religious issue. Which, while I don't agree, I understand that some religions believe that homosexuality is wrong. What I don't understand is why religious beliefs are guiding our laws.

If anyone has any argument against gay marriage that has nothing to do with religion, I would really like to hear it, because I just don't get it. Like the author of the article I linked to, I am usually pretty good at understanding my opposition's arguments - it's the best way to win an argument - but this? This I just don't get. Email me if you do: recordstorerita (at) hotmail (dot) com.


niobe said...

If anyone emails you a good argument, could you maybe summarize it in a post? Because I don't get it either.

laurenblogs said...

Ugh I just found you (through links) and couldn't agree more. Technically the government shouldn't be involved in ANY marriage gay or straight. Especially in a day where so many people choose NOT to be married. Why should anyone be rewarded tax wise etc for getting married? ( and I am married)

Marriage started as a religious thing and became a social thing.

I think gay people, straight people, old ladies never married that live with 100 cats, single people and married people should all get the benefits or no one should.

Let's face it most married people are miserable and it ends in divorce... and we, as a society reward this choice? This should have NOTHING to do with government!

Don't get it!

Would love to hear of you get any responses on this!

Katie Lauren